Keith Olbermann donates $100 for every Palin lie


RADAR Magazine/ Subscription Department/ PO Box 421942/ Palm Coast, FL 32142-7557



finally a wealthy political pundit/celebrity follows through on their word. i love keith olbermann’s indignation and disposition to outraged wrath towards the conservative Republican bloc. his anger and journalistic antics are like the liberal version of FOX News. i guess i’m seduced by the ‘superficial, shallow’ entertainment of clearly biased american news – it’s pretty obvious which side i’m on. i like Keith Olbermann as much as I hate FOX News. props to KO for not just spewing irateness, but thinking of a way to constructively contribute to a tangible, and good cause. 

must point out though that the Obama campaign should stop harping on Palin supporting the ‘bridge to nowhere’  until it became unpopular and she said ‘no, thank you’ because record shows that Obama & Biden supported it, as well. thanks to Political Lunch for the fact-checking. 

also, in my search for new blogs, i recently came upon this – Feminists 4 Sarah Palin. it argues against what seems to be the biggest point of contention with the Palin VP candidacy – that her nomination is a slap in the face to all Hillary supporters and feminists everywhere. i’m still mulling over how i feel about the points this blog makes in regard to the conception of feminism today. much of the argument is (like in my ‘sarah palin to the rescue? post) whether woman = feminist, or have we achieved a certain level of equality to move past that to something more complex and intricate.

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