Don LaFontaine


American Express/ PO Box 31511/ Salt Lake City, UT 84131-9934


Los Angeles Times: Don LaFontaine, 68; voice of movie trailers


Don LaFontaine, Mr. Movie Trailer Voice-Over Guy, died on Monday, Sept 1 from complications of a long-term illness called pneumothorax, air or gas in the pleural cavity. he was the voice for Space Odyssey, The Terminator, Fatal Attractions and The Simpsons. one of my favorites is this GEICO commercial from 2006, when they did their “real customer, hired an actor” campaign. “in a world where both of our cars were TOTALLY under water… but a new wind was about to blow. payback: this time it’s for real”. awesome. Pablo Francisco does a great impression of him and his ability to make even the most trivial, or ridiculous sound urgent and dangerous – arnold schwarzenegger in “little tortilla boy”.

LaFontaine considered himself a ‘voice actor’, movie trailers may just be previews to the actual movie, but he was so instrumental in making them a vital part of the movie-going experience, and contributing to the buzz and success of new movies not even out in theaters yet.  “You want to take the audience out of their seats, out of their homes, out of their complacency and pull them into the story,” he said. “You want to make that trailer so compelling that they have to go buy a ticket just to find out how the movie ends.” he was known as “Thunder Throat” or “The Voice of God”. in whatever the afterlife may be, can you imagine him now just talking and hanging out with God – arguing over what to order for lunch, playing checkers or watching “American Idol”. hope he’s making everything more serious and overdramatic up there, as he did here.


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