adele – hometown glory


Boston Research Group/Bank of America Client Survey – Dept. 23/PO Box 75475-9980/ Dayton, OH 45475-9980


Adele – Hometown Glory Live on a BBC 2 show called “Sound”.


current music obsession. Adele, along with Duffy, are receiving big amounts of hype and seeming inextricable comparisons to Amy Winehouse. perhaps anything now that’s deep, throaty and a bit jazz-y, or soulful draws parallels to her. the blogs and the music critics say Adele and Duffy are like Amy, except less drunk and hopped up on drugs -> cleaner cut versions. whatever, i think they are each their own. according to wikipedia, Adele says she is a bit of a heavy drinker, but she’s never dabbled in drugs. one thing the media has picked up on, particularly the American media, is her weight. at size 14-16, she’s “larger” than most of the public tv/movie/music figures in the spotlight. but she’s been angrily slamming the reports, and adamant that she is not going to succumb to the pressure to lose weight, now that she’s a ‘star’. she’d only consider doing it for health reasons. she’s beautiful, and her voice is amazing. it’s refreshing that she is not going to kill her body just so she can fit in better and become more successful. her voice, and her work should be enough to stand for itself, and they do.

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