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i hope i never become too old to understand ZITS. sometimes i think about whether or not going to Smith has hindered parts of my conception of the male gender b/c i was surrounded by such strong-willed women for a very formative part of my personal growth. in that, perhaps sometimes i have these unfair perceptions of boys, guys, or men in general. it’s an elitist and sexist view, and i know generalizations are wrong and rarely ever true. perhaps it’s just that i’ve spent so much time with women, so much time analyzing and critically thinking about words being said that i do pay too much attention to some things that are said. sometimes, you just have to take what people say for what it is. i know these encounters are going to happen more, and i shouldn’t say they are ‘encounters’, but just everyday interactions. i don’t blame Smith entirely, b/c while it did have a bit of a coddled, ‘living in a bubble’ environment, it was something i really needed. there are times when i don’t think i’m ready for ‘the real world’, just want to go back to college, back to academia with its books, lengthy articles, and informative lectures.

One response to “zits

  1. i look like the dude on the left.
    cray cray!

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