cops stealing from cops


Discover Card/ PO Box 15162/ Wilmington, DE 19885-9508


Philadelphia Inquirer “Two charged with looting Bucks FOP” article by Kristin E. Holmes 


another case for why people do not trust labor unions in America.  while most work hard to properly represent workers from all sorts of trades, blue-collar, or service sector, even college professors and graduate students, getting them the proper benefits, contracts, and pay wages, it is the stories of stealing, deceit and trickery that get headlines. the union men and women that i’ve met in my very brief 1-2 year experience in the labor movement are the hardest working, family-oriented, salt-of-the-earth, good-natured American gritty, honest and kind people around.

it is unfortunate that the American labor movement has become entangled with politics, bureaucracy and corruption in recent years. given its long and, at times, questionable history (mob? communists?) in the country, perhaps it’s almost understandable or logical that people are generally skeptical of how much unions actually do accomplish to benefit the American worker.  

but it’s stories like this that set the whole movement back a couple of steps and add to the negativity that unions are corrupt and ineffective. to steal more than $93,000 from the members and the fund that you were trusted to protect and take care of, for your own personal finances is wrong, despicable and immoral. i don’t like to mix morals with politics and public life, but there are definitely things that almost everyone, living in this society, can agree to be wrong. the fact that union cops took money out of the account used for charitable causes, including a fund for their fellow, slain officers just adds injury to insult. stuff like this is why people generally do not trust the po-pos, the two caught and charged with stealing, they are hurting the cause of what they are supposed to stand for –  they should be reputable and trustworthy as union leaders and police officers.

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