Ellen & Portia get married


dwell/PO Box 5103/ Harlan, IA 51593-2603


Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding portrait


Congratulations to Ellen and Portia on getting married over the weekend. last night, i opened my email to receive 2 emails from Ellen (yeah, i’m subscribed to her show mailing list) with the subject title: Just Married. in the email, she talks about how she now only write in fancy schmancy fonts b/c she gotmarried and now says “I do” to everything: a pilates work-out, an offer of Mountain Dew, or why she got pulled over. 

the official wedding portrait is beautiful, and the couple is on the cover of People magazine looking so incredibly happy and gorgeous in white. the thousands of comments are usually ones of total support and best wishes, but reading the forums, there is still great hostility and opposition to a lesbian marriage. some were downright hateful and misogynistic about threesomes where a guy would be serviced by both of them, that ellen could never possibly be enough for portia, that this isn’t real, etc etc. and then there were some that were prefaced by “while i don’t support gay marriage… they look beautiful, i wish them luck”. some people aren’t fully on board yet, and some people are “love is love”. it’s one of our last major social battles or frontiers, but almost no one who commented could deny how perfect and well these two seem to fit together, regardless of gender and sexuality. i’m always in wonder when people take those steps to really commit themselves to each other, for all that that involves. it’s hard not to become swept up in the happiness and romance of Ellen and Portia, they look stunning. brava and love to the beautiful couple.


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