the new white minority


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Tony Auth political cartoon along with Washington Times “Immigration: ‘Demographic divide’ on the rise”


i don’t think the concept that america is becoming more racially diverse and ‘multicultural’ is a surprise to anyone living here. i think the big news here is how fast it’s happening, much quicker than originally predicted. and we’re already starting to see the effects. the focus on ‘illegal’ immigration, along with the bad economy and outsourcing has given rise to tremendous racial hostility, there’s going to be more xenophobia and strife before this gets better.  in a way, i don’t blame a lot of the working class americans who live in small towns that are having difficulty adjusting. it’s become more difficult to just work hard and make an honest living, and the most obvious reason may actually be the undocumented workers in the town willing to receive much less for just as much labor. there needs to be more proper and respectful efforts of integration, it’s frustrating when legislators and politicians are scapegoating latinos and instituting expensive band-aid solutions like building a giant wall. i like this cartoon’s point of showing how mccain’s campaign of showing how ‘american’ he is, actually demonstrates how far detached he and his image are from what is really going on in the country.

the population studies and demography geek in me is fascinated by the aging aspect to this new ‘divide’. it’s been shown that older industrial countries, the ones with majority ‘white’ populations, are having less children to replace the quickly graying population, while developing countries have relatively young populations and the families have large numbers of children. the whole concept of ‘replacement rate’ in connection with family or national security, and country modernization level is this continuous stream of sociological logic that makes me want to pursue population studies @ the graduate level b/c it’s so much more than just numbers of who is living where. this idea is being microcosmed into the US model, just by our white population becoming older, having less children b/c of a more financial stability (gross overgeneralization, as i know that a huge amount of the poor and homeless population in america is white), and the new immigrants coming in young, starting at the bottom, and having larger families b/c of the developing, more hands = more labor thinking. america, especially its urban cities like nyc or los angeles, has been called a microcosm of the larger world, now just in terms of race and culture, but within the conceptions of development, modernization, and economy.



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  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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