Paris Hilton for President!


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Paris Hilton video response to John McCain’s seemingly ubiquitous ad that lumps the celebrity of Barack Obama with Britney Spears and Paris, herself.


I definitely looked twice when I noticed Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in a McCain ad. as much as I claim to be a political junkie, I hate election years when all the mud-slinging ads start popping up everywhere and won’t go away. i was shocked and slightly disgusted by the comparison: Obama certainly does have that rockstar quality. but even while american politicians and celebrities have blurred the lines between them- jesse ventura, arnold schwarzenegger, fred thompson, ronald reagan, SNL skits – to bunch Sen. Obama with these two girls who have had tumultuously become famous for simply being famous, the parallel is ludicrous and unwarranted. 

what i don’t like about mccain ads are that they solely attack obama, but do not add anything about himself, or why he should become president. just a “obama is a celebrity, wants to raise taxes, how dare he, he doesn’t understand us, elitist and disconnected liberal who’s too inexperienced… i’m john mccain, and i approve of this message”. if we buy into that, we know not to vote for barack obama, but why should we vote for you? barack obama has been putting out some negative response ads as well, but he ends them with talk of what he would do.

apparently studies have shown that the public responds to negative ads. what? since when??? isn’t that one of the major reasons why people hate politics, politicians, and do not vote in this country? b/c politicians are just seen as money-grubbing people who will change their tune at the spin of a coin, and will mud-sling as much as they have money for, just to secure a position, of which they won’t actually do much work for, but instead will spend their time in office prepping for the next election cycle? yeah, i’m cynical, but i don’t think these views are too far off from what the general American mindset. 

paris hilton’s energy plans has been getting rave reviews in the blogosphere. apparently one of mccain’s spokesperson said that it was more substantive than barack obama’s. but she calls for a hybrid of both mccain’s and obama’s energy plans, so does that not mean that her plan is better and more substantive than the both of theirs?

3 responses to “Paris Hilton for President!

  1. I think that it’s a very smart way to get back at McCain. It’s nice to see humor in politics. You may not like Paris, but this was a very interesting thing to pull off.

    On a side note, I would prefer to hear the candidates speak of real issues instead of playing around with who’s a celebrity and who isn’t.

  2. yet again Paris is using events to give herself another PR boost… she’s a thinker alright

  3. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

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