‘McCain’ probably doesn’t sound as cute in baby talk…


Meyer and Associates/ 18 Washington Ave/ Chatham, NC 07928-9903


Overheard in DC:

A woman having a conversation with another woman’s 2-year-old:

Woman: “So who do you want to be president?”
Two year old: “OBAWMAH!!!!!”
At least seven people on the train: “Yaaaay!”


adorable. i’m sure this irked mccain supporters to no end, but i love the overheards in [urban city] because they are all about complete strangers being bluntly open and honest, saying things you normally wouldn’t in public, but yet somehow the urban crowds provide some sort of anonymity. it seems completely counterintuitive b/c it’s along the same thinking that people in cities are crazy, and outwardly rude to each other, but there’s also an unspoken support amongst locals that manifests itself in particular situations, and shows a type of safety, or “we’re all in this giant world together” net that makes me love urban interactions.

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