MGMT @ 9:30 Club, Washington DC


New Account Acceptance Center/PO Box 781052/ El Paso, TX 79998-9935


DCist: MGMT at 9:30 Club


my obsession since March when i happened upon their album on the New Releases shelf in WOZQ… is there a stronger word than obsession? ever since playing “weekend wars” on our ‘Tea Party w/ DJ Raw Sugar & DJ Burnt Honey’, i’ve had MGMT on rotation non-stop. their album has already hit 30+ plays on my iTunes, i should open a myspace account considering how many times i’ve visited their page, i’ve read every album and concert review of them posted on the web, and seen practically all the interview clips on youtube. i have fallen for andrew and ben hard. is this how girls felt when the beatles first came to america, or the rolling stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan show? i’ve had musical obsessions and phases before, probably once every year, but i can’t recall the last time i was so smitten. they are beautiful, emit real deal hipster coolness, and they are total rockstars (liberal arts graduates (wesleyan) now opening for radiohead – WHA?!)

with all their buzz and quick rise to fame, they seem to have 2 effects on people:  complete adoration, or completely unimpressed. i’m in the first category.

 they may need to work on stage presence, and keeping the energy up. a little stage banter would be nice, too. but considering how much i was in love with them before, and how much i was looking forward to this concert. they were perfect. we were also among the lucky ones who had bought tickets beforehand and didn’t have to drop $150 for what the scalpers outside were charging. they opened with ‘weekend wars’ and were completely dreamy from then on. unfortunately SL and i were stuck in the middle of a sea of 6ft4in tall guys, so i spent most of the concert straining to see around or in between broad, and obtrusive shoulders. the guy to girl ratio was about 3 to 1. strange. what’s even weirder was the huge frat boy contingent that kept trying to mosh. where did they come from? perhaps some of the MGMT‘s mainstream popularity can be attributed to “time to pretend” being soundtracked on “Gossip Girl”, but i doubt these guys are watching that show.

“electric feel” started the ripple that could be called a dance party, and there was a combination of standing, or trying to awkwardly dance within the crowded space of not being able to move. while there are no stage banter at all, andrew said “thank you very much”, and “hello, dc” so sweetly, it made me swoon like a giddy school girl. recalling my feelings from that night, it seemed like i was under the influence of something – the influence of MGMT. and some dumplings SL & I bought at the corner chinese take-out. the best things that i took away from the concert were new favorite songs like “of birds, moons and monsters”, and “kids”, a spiffy new t-shirt i’ve been wearing non-stop, and a greater appreciation for the album as a whole. so despite the negative, or ambivalent reviews, and the unnaturally tall and large crowd that kept stepping on my flip-flop wearing toes, i had a great time. while it was a couple of days before the day itself, it was definitely one of the best birthday presents ever.


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