Hello David, Northern Liberties


T.Rowe Price Investment Services/ PO Box 17630/ Baltimore, MD 21298-9313


Philadelphia Inquirer article “Philly’s Light Fantastic” by Architecture Critic Inga Saffron


to the man of Rittenhouse Square (one of my favorite places in the city b/c it attracts all sorts of people: business, blue collar, hipster, canvassers, homeless, old & married, young & with kids) David Rittenhouse was an astronomer, clock maker, and land surveyor. he was also the first director of the US Mint. he built one of the first telescopes in the US, and traced the path of Venus across the sun. Ray King is a Philadelphia-based installation artist whose primary medium is light, and manipulates it into a sort-of holographic image. he was buying material from a supplier one day and learned that David Rittenhouse was also interested in light diffraction into a color spectrum. while King created work on university buildings and airports, this one is right in Philadelphia, on the side of his studio building, facing south as a gateway introduction to the neighborhood and in tribute to the man. I love the name of the installation – that both men are in conversation with each other, exploring their curiosity of light, one for art, the other for science. but with the telescope, and this installation of Hello David, who’s to say they are not one in the same, highly interchangeable, or at least complementary projects. i have not yet seen it in person, but from this video and the images on King’s page, it looks breathtaking, like a lightshower or mirrors inside a telescope magnified by X100000.

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