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President Bush gets heated with Martha Raddatz over Afghanistan blog post from Crooks and Liars


i saw martha raddatz at starbucks on connecticut street by farragut square. she’s the ABCnews Chief White House Correspondent. it was my first Washington DC celebrity sighting. moving to the city is going to be great because i am such a closeted (ok, maybe not so much anymore) political junkie. as opposed to the times when i met kato kaelin, or heard that mel gibson was in my high school town filming “signs”, meeting barack obama and john edwards made me completely giddy.

martha was in a deep conversation with someone so i didn’t want to interrupt-but it was almost surreal to see this woman, that I’ve watched speak every night to Charlie Gibson, on WorldNews Tonight, about the latest White House news, sit at this small table right by the bathroom with a Starbucks paper cup in hand.

i love the comments to this Crooks and Liars post – while martha raddatz does keep pushing, it’s surprising how rude george bush is. he must know that his reaction is going to reach the public, he’s talking to the press (!). apparently once during a different press conference, her cellphone went off – her ringtone: chamillionaire – ridin’. martha raddatz is so cool.


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  1. Welcome to Washington! Next time say “Hi!”

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