Holograms @ Alive Gallery – Seoul, South Korea


Warranty Service Center/ PO Box 22640/ Lincoln, NE 68542-9940


video about the Alive Gallery in Seoul, South Korea hologram art exhibit.


my first reaction to this video was that somehow by making these most famous works of art into talking holograms, it would be cheapening their importance, their value, commercializing them further to the point of kitsch, and that this would be something the hoity-toity, and exclusive art world would frown upon in disgust. there’s “art” and then there’s art, i guess. but the more i watch this video, the cooler it seems. i’m all about expanding, and broadening the limited, esoteric, and restricted to a greater audience, to make things more accessible, and have people add their experiences, or their opinions and have the walls between the elite and the “common” broken down. that’s why i love blogs, youtube, banksy, and this exhibit, the pros of user-generated content far outweight the cons of people being general assholes b/c of internet anonymity. plus, how cool is it that mona lisa and michelangelo speak in korean?

to read about how they recovered the Mona Lisa after she was stolen from the Louvre, how it’s completely improbable George Washington was standing up in the boat for the Crossing, and how Caravaggio’s David with the head of Goliath has strong autobiographical influences, check this out from the library: Scandals, Vandals and Da Vincis: A Gallery of Remarkable Art Tales by Harvey Rachlin (c) Penguin 2007.


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