fetching coffee for the boss


BUST/PO Box 16775/North Hollywood, CA 91615-9272


Philadelphia Inquirer article: “Hot Controversy: Fetching Coffee for the Boss” by Jane M. Von Bergen


some say this woman has made too big a deal just out of coffee, but this case points to deeper employer/employee relations, and assistants or secretaries being historically women, a role in which is less socially acceptable for a man. while this woman desperately needed the job, how much of herself does she compromise in order to keep it? if she wasn’t comfortable getting the bosses coffee b/c she felt she’d be too soon pigeon-holeing herself into that position, then her grounds (as opposed to the District judge’s cheeky words – no pun intended) for a discrimination case appear to be justifiable. some people don’t mind it as a part of their job as long as they know they are valued for doing more important things, some try to break free from the business hierarchy by making coffee for those who may “rank” lower than them, and some bosses don’t even attempt to ask for coffee, perhaps in fear of a lawsuit, or with the changing, modern times, that it is “taboo”.

as i am now looking to enter into the employed world, i’ve realized that i am only somewhat qualified to apply for administrative positions. one of my fears is that i’ll become lost in the activity of copy machines, faxes, emails, Microsoft Excel, and potentially being the one to make coffee. i fear it’ll become too mundane, and i’ll become bitter. out of boredom, i found a small coffee machine during my internship at America Votes in Philadelphia, and gladly used it to make coffee for the staff each day. it was this one project that i created, and took on successfully by myself, so i had no problem implementing it. here, fetching coffee seems to be a case of whether you were asked, or if you took on such a task willingly – how much you consider it to define your job, and position at the organization, and yourself.


One response to “fetching coffee for the boss

  1. peep this- get the office job but wear a smock and visor to work every day, regardless of your responsibilities. also, hoard all of the disposable cups.

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