mgmt – electric feel


PetSmart CHARITIES/INKJET RECYCLING CENTER/Po Box 42029/Phoenix, AZ 85080-9876


MGMT’s video for Electric Feel

once they invent the technology to send videos on the super super cheap, i’m so on it.

* i think SONY got to all the official video posters on youtube, so none of them will allow me to post it on my blog, and the dailymotion vids aren’t posting either, so this is one of the better live versions i’ve seen. for the official video (an ultimate trippy, resplendent dance party):

* ADDENDUM: I posted this a whole day before Kanye did. Safe to say he got it from me, he reads nopostagerequired and i now have something to hold over Mr. Late-to-Bonnaroo himself.


current band/music/song/video obsession: MGMT.

two kids who graduated from wesleyan: a bee gees, with the scissor sisters, indie hall & oates, psychedelic tigercity, crazy, gorgeous and total love. i’m going to see them at the 9:30 Club in DC on the 28th of July – beyond excited.


Happy Birthday to sig gains in the city. hope you are having an amazing time, and that this birthday with your kids and your friends, and being in the city makes the day not suck, but actually completely wonderful.


3 responses to “mgmt – electric feel

  1. you could use a thumb drive! those cost like, ten dollars.

  2. MGMT has been our obsession for awhile now. We’re having that weird (and totally obnoxious) dislike over the fact that one of our favorite bands has now been “discovered.” We loved the fact that they were from Brooklyn and were our local band. Who knew two guys who graduated from Wesleyan could be so great?

    And the fact that they’re now opening for Radiohead? Mindboggling!

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