Cafe Spice, Philadelphia


TIME/ PO Box 61120/Tampa, FL 33661-1120


Cafe Spice business card/35 S. 2nd St/ Philadelphia, PA 19106/ (215)627-6273


on my night in the city with my Smith girls, SL, elizadoessmith, and theonlylivinggirl, due to some traveling difficulties, finally managed to get dinner at 10PM. we were in Old City, i found this sweet Omni hotel, right by Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. too starved to travel, we ventured outside to find all the young beautiful people out, walking the street in nicely ironed collared button-downs, or 3-inch heels. we couldn’t decide where to eat – it was a combination of being desperate to just have food to scarf down/make it a good experience that we’d go back to again and also be outside in the city with all the beautiful people we, one day, aspire to be. the weather was amazing, probably 70 with a warm breeze, i’ve never known summer night weather to be so nice.

we decided upon this place with some outdoor seating under some wood scaffolding. looked a bit renovaty, a bit warehouse-y, i figured simple, good clean food with a modernist touch. it turned out to be Cafe Spice, a delicious Indian food restaurant where the plates are huge, and loaded with tons of tasty dishes on each, no matter what you get. the only problem was with drinks, water glasses, and the enormous plates, our table was too small to hold everything. but we juggled and moved items around, . anything would have tasted good at that time of night, but i’m certain this place is delicious at normal mealtimes as well. nice list of specialty cocktails and drinks, they came in gorgeous, large flute glasses, and followed the essential rule of a good cocktail: tasty delicious with just a hint of alcohol. mine had gin, guava, and mango juice. at 11PM, the whole place changed, the restaurant closed, and the bar became the primary business, it was a bit awkward to sit amongst barfolk while trying to sip your cocktail and eat saag paneer at the same time. they have locations in NY right by NYU, NJ and this Philadelphia one. this place made me want to move into the city even more. i’m excited about DC, but i almost want to get the DC experience out of my system, so I can live and grow old in Philly. my only real issue is figuring out where the ideal place to live is: Old City, Chinatown, or Northern Liberties.


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