Fist Bumping


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Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View, greeting all the co-hosts with the fist bump, or “terrorist fist jab“.


what the media has decided to cover has been all over the place: election coverage has been crazy – either totally serious, and contentious, or completely ridiculous. it’s hard to look at the game of politics sometimes b/c how the politicians react, what they say, what they do can ultimately affect the decision of who is going to be chosen president, who is going to lead this country and represent us to the rest of the world. but if one is reassured that even if the worst candidate is chosen, there are enough checks and balances in place that the country will go, then the absurdity of American politics is kind of fun.

that said, i love seeing Michelle Obama everywhere on the news, internet, and political blogs.

she looked gorgeous in the purple dress next to Barack when he was basically accepting the Democratic nomination. there have been whispers comparing her to Jackie O. I think the attention being paid to Michelle Obama’s clothing and appearance puts her in a different category: she’s gorgeous, stylish, and incredibly smart. Perhaps she represents the modern woman of this age, not only does she always look beautiful, and put together but you can see a wisdom, and a brain from how she presents herself. she was assigned to be Barack’s mentor at the law firm she was a partner at, when they were the only 2 african americans working there.

it’s interesting to contrast her with Cindy McCain, how they seem to be polar opposites of each other. how each campaign seems to be handling the wives is totally different, too. perhaps even among party lines? Cindy has just been faithfully by her husband’s side, not much is said about her in the press, her appearance on The View did not generate a lot of buzz, in fact when I googled “the view”, one of the suggested searches was “michelle obama on the view”, clearly many people have already done so. But Cindy is well-accomplished herself, she’s an active philanthropist, she ran her own non-profit organizing trips by medical personnel to war-torn countries, she’s well-educated, and she’s the chair of Hensley & Co., the biggest Anheuser-Busch distributor, so she’s got business brains, too. it’s not as if she has nothing to do but stand by John McCain. I’d like to see her issues, what she would use the First Lady position to push for and advocate.

as to the “terrorist fist jab” – michelle said it’s something equivocal to the modern day high-five, she’s actually not that hip or trendy, it’s rather something the young staffers on the Obama campaign taught her. oh when the young can teach “the old” to be cool, i love it, totally awesome. i can just imagine them teaching her, i love that she’s taken it and made it her own. it’s like the cheek-kiss greeting for germaphobes, though i hear serious ones actually use elbow-to-elbow contact. Fox News got tons of flack when ED Hill claimed Michelle was connecting to a terrorist satellite abroad as she jabbed fists with Barack, news coverage of the aftermath was insane. newsreporters and bloggers all condemned the report, and many outwardly acknowledge how biased and ridiculous Fox News has gotten. In fact, ED Hill’s show was canceled, and she was taken off the air. Fox News has been incredibly racist and critical of the Obama campaign, they’ve started to target Michelle, as well, one time announcing her as “obama’s baby mama“, another time an anchor joked that he should be assassinated. as entertaining as election coverage may be, sometimes it’s not funny at all. but here’s hoping Obama cinches the presidency, so that the media and the american public can begin to take his campaign seriously.


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