Art for the Cash Poor


Wallpaper/PO Box 3000/Denville, NJ 07834-9751


postcard of Art for the Cash Poor, a 2-day event held at the Crane Arts Building on North American Street where everyday people get “a chance to meet local artists and purchase artwork at bargain prices. View a vast array of media, including photographs, paintings, prints, jewelry, clothing, and hand-made books, with nothing priced above $199. There will be food from top local restaurants and libations available, and live music for your enjoyment while you peruse the artwork.”

Tightrope, 2000/Dae Rebeck


elizadoessmith, SL, and i met up with theonlylivinggirl this weekend in philly for a mini-Smith reunion and to say goodbye to BM as she ships off to the grand country of Georgia for 2 years of Peace Corps. EW found this cool art sale where you get the view the work of local artists, famous and going-to-be famous, and have the opportunity to actually purchase some pieces and own legitimate, unique art that isn’t from, ikea, or urban outfitters. they also had delicious food, and delicious live music to keep the stomach and the ears happy. we spent our time in center city philadelphia, so InLiquid was a bit too north for us. but it’s an annual party, and they’re always looking for volunteers to help out. whenever i move out to Philadelphia, I am so there. and bringing EW, wherever she is, with me b/c she discovered it first and wasn’t able to go this year. quote from Philadelphia Weekly, Joan Smith of InLiquid: “You’ll end up with original art by a real artist and the warm feeling that you’ve done your bit to keep the creative wheels of our city running.”


2 responses to “Art for the Cash Poor

  1. Erm, confused. The “recipient” you have listed above isn’t at the address you’ve got next to it…

  2. nopostagerequired

    sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this. i wanted to go back and get my hands on a copy of Wallpaper and double-check the address. it’s the right one, i got it from one of those postcard subscription offers magazines put 3-4 in each of their issues. i used that and stuck a postcard of “art for the cash poor” onto the other side and mailed it in. perhaps where the confusion from is that the Denville, NJ address isn’t the main one listed for Wallpaper, but it’s the one that takes in the paper subscription applications.

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