Capogiro Gelato


Capital One/PO Box 30288/Salt Lake City, UT 84130-9897


Capogiro Gelato Artisans postcard


i’ve been on a huge Philadelphia and urban city travel guide kick lately, i picked up these at the library: and not for tourists: philadelphia. both are awesome in that they have blunt, and honest reviews of restaurants, shops, hotels, where to find an ATM, and museum information. NFT has in-depth maps, and is full of gorgeous “omg, i want to go there right now” color pictures. they seem less g-rated, family-friendly, and touristy than say Frommer’s or Fodor’s. I’ve been scouring libraries and bookstores to get my hands on these guide books as well: Blackbook, Wallpaper City Guides, or IDEO Eyes Open.

SL & i learned of Sailor Jerry’s through the guide, that was an awesome store, of which once i have some sort of income will be spending lots of it there. we had sushi at 1225 Raw which had a tasty white tiger roll, a watermelon sake sangria and an awesome bathroom, with a tilted slab of marble for a sink, and thousands of tiny mirrors that we had all-too-much fun being obnoxious little teenagers taking pictures with all the cool angles for our myspace page. (we don’t have myspaces, but i’m sure that’s what those kids over there do).

around the corner, we went for gelato, only to discover it was a place in my book! the place looked like something puccacharm would open up once she became a big-time gourmet: blue tile, clean, unique lighting, chalkboard menus… capogiro was so tasty, i had pompelmo rosso con campari (grapefruit campari) and steph had malt scotch (which had a little scotch aftertaste). they’re big on using seasonal fruits and ingredients, and flavors change daily. i want to go back and try: turkish coffee, thai coconut milk, champagne mango, lychee, lemon thyme, carambola con limone verde (star fruit with lime), banana foster, and bacio (chocolate and hazelnut). i need a job so i can move into the city already…

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