maybe even cute and cuddly can’t save us…


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services/PO Box 396/Harleysville, PA 19438-9902


Slate First Housing Bust, Now Baby Bust article, penned by Daniel Gross


Something that separates the North/South, rich/poor dichotomy in terms of population rates is that in industrial societies, most people have the option to choose how many children to have and when, whereas in developing areas, children are just as much created out of love, and to build families, but can also be another source of income for the parents. in the US, having more children is seen as being more expensive than for family sustainability. there’s probably some relevance to our child-labor laws, and mandatory schooling till 8th or 12th grade for each child. like the trends in Italy and Russia (recently Putin offered a significant chunk of money to couples to have a baby in the coming year), despite the 2006 Washington Post reports, the American birth rate appears to be slowing down and decreasing.

Here, the Slate writer Daniel Gross ties the decreasing number of new babies with the recent economic downturn where people, especially families, are calculating the costs of everything: gas, food, vacations, and now whether or when to have children. Certainly there are many factors that influence if a couple chooses to have a child than just some meager financial, and economic times. there’s a huge societal value attached to couples having kids to become a “true family”. also, they’re adorably pudgy and cuddly, and while i can’t speak from experience, i am sure it is a life-changing for-the-better event. that there are already numbers about the American birth rate in connection to the state of the economy has some significance to indicate that things are becoming dire, indeed.


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