estelle – american boy


JANE/PO Box 37696/Boone, IA 50037-2696


they really need to get on the cheap, miniature, disposable video technology so i can start sending these out.

estelle – american boy video


while the glorious JANE has now folded, Estelle would have been right up their alley, perhaps as a “current loves”. Kanye West is not overbearing, the “american boys” are cute, and i like how estelle sings and moves. She’s London-born, but now relocated to NYC.  and she’s done some awesome work with John Legend (who’s in the video), Mark Ronson,, and of course Mr. West. Perhaps the patriotism of this memorial day is getting to me, this is definitely one of my newest music finds and obsessions. From her website: “Where Senegal meets London and hops the pond. Where funk shimmies up against reggae and R&B. Somewhere out of this world is where you’ll find Estelle.”


One response to “estelle – american boy


    peep this remix!
    totally the same song, only with busta instead of kanye. a couple other minor differences.
    this song is too catchy!!

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