how to spend the $ the gov’t sends you


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if small videos were cheap and disposable, i’d be sending this:


I got my tax rebate back, it’s not much, i’m still going to have to budget for what i want to do with it, instead of just lamely putting it into my bank account. i was claimed as a dependent so i won’t be receiving the economic stimulus check, but if i were, that in addition to my tax rebate, here are some things i’d probably do with the money

  1. ticket to Coachella
  2. roadtrip!
  3. travel abroad program
  4. gym membership
  5. donate to charity
  6. downpayment on a used car
  7. first months rent on an apartment
  8. pay back student loans
  9. put in high-interest yield savings account to bail me out when I spend too much trying to get all the previous stuff

has anyone gotten theirs yet – tax rebate or economic stimulus check? any grand schemes with what to do with it?

3 responses to “how to spend the $ the gov’t sends you

  1. i went with credit card debt, which has strangely snowballed into this awesome repayment scheme that’ll have me in the green by the end of july.

  2. nopostagerequired

    wow! that’s so great! congratulations daniel! the light at the end of the debt tunnel has come so much earlier for you, than say the projected 30 years of doom. awesome! we’ll have to make you a cake in july to celebrate, one paid with in cash that we can afford!

  3. july will be a month of many cakes

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