“I hope for the best”

this, even more so than the Matt from Matt & Kim video {see true success is health insurance} exemplifies to me one of the main cruxes and reality of the healthcare problem in the united states today.  somehow the stereotype still exists that only poor people, or people on welfare can’t afford to have it, but it’s so many more people, different types of people who are working and who are successful by any American standards.  a lot of the attempts towards universal healthcare have the companies providing healthcare options for their employees, but what about the single, independent business owners for whom providing healthcare for themselves, and their 2-3 employees may be too expensive and costly?

when maxwell, awesome independent clothing designer, says he has to avoid getting hurt or sick b/c he doesn’t have health insurance and hospital visits are too expensive, that’s telling of how precarious a situation so many people and their families face.  it must be stressful for parents to watch their kids, and make sure they don’t hurt themselves too much b/c they can’t afford to go to the hospital. 

bruises, broken arms, colds, and ear infections are a natural part, a seeming rite-of-passage, of childhood, have to be avoided, and kids must stay inside in front of the TV in hermetically sealed bubbles is sad. maybe it’s not that extreme, but being afraid to let kids be kids, or to live life because an injury or sickness might realistically set you back, and put you in financial debt, is sad.

if somehow we could figure out a way similar to how the europeans do it, where everyone is covered, you can go to any hospital, and any doctor, perhaps also take some dependence off prescription drugs, get rid of medical malpractice, then america could really live up to being one of the most wealthy countries in the world that actually takes care of its citizens. that argument always comes up, if we have the most money, but yet something like people’s health isn’t covered, where’s all the money going? right now – probably the war effort, but even there, veterans need healthcare, the cases at walter reed, and the number of soldiers coming back with PTSD are huge, and despicable. the iraq war veterans, the children, the single independent business owners, SiCKO – it should not have come to this point.


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