takashi murakami


Castle “The Window People”/109 Gaither Drive, Suite 309/Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-9968


Blurb written by Marc Jacobs honoring Takashi Murakami as TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World

Some lines from Jacobs about Murakami:

“When I first saw Takashi Murakami’s work, I smiled and wondered, Where did this explosion come from? Who was responsible for this collision of psychedelia, manga and, well, art? So I emailed him. and Before long, there he was, standing in my Paris office, wearing his round, wire-rimmed glasses, skeleton-print T-shirt, baggy short pants, and a sort of samurai pony-tail. He looked like a coolskater kid, an enternal teenager. How we would proceed in our collaboration was set forth by Takashi. Our first agreed-upon work was a straightforward interpretation of Vuitton’s traditional monogram. What had once been set in a brown with gold symbols was now alive in 33 clashing colors against a jet black or optic white background. Our collaboration has ebeen and continues to be a monumental marriage of art and commerce. The ultiamte crossover – one for both the fashion and art history books.”


when i first saw the vuitton bags with the Murakami interpretation, i thought they were borderline dooney & bourke and clownish.  the work of Takashi Murakami is awesome, it’s insane, it’s chaotic, you feel like you must be trippin’ on magic mushrooms that surround the moss, jellyfish eyes, and ball-shaped creatures. but the union of Murakami and vuitton seemed weird to me.  apparently marc Marc Jacobs commissioned the Japanese artist to reinvent or temporarily take over the LV appearance. 

suddenly bags like this were popping up everywhere.  much like the vera bradley paisley bag phenomenon, i wondered whether people overlooked some of the ridiculousness of the bags for the sake of the name.  i think vuitton definitely brought the murakami name to a larger audience, because other than if you were into japanese modern art, his name was definitely not out in the mainstream.  but yet people bought the bags, perhaps b/c it was vuitton, and it was cute – about $2000 cute.  unless i had the money to buy 2 bags, i would spend the money on the one with the original logo, print and coloring, it should at least look expensive.  somehow the murakami’s seem way to easy to counterfeit. but to each its own, i guess, in ways of advertising, in promotion, in consumption, and style.


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