vacay with the Vanderbilts and Oprah


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Guide to The Breakers, and a map of Newport, Rhode Island


this is the first vacation i’ve ever really had, where i’ve felt like i’m on vacation.  i guess all my other times i’ve been with my parents, or i’ve had books, school, and impending work to think about.  but this has been the first time where i’ve felt like i could really relax, for more than 2 days. it’s an amazing feeling, i want to get a job where i’ll work hard, but make enough money to take time off to do this. again. on, if anything, a bi-annual basis.

The Breakers are the most famous of all the Newport, Mansion.  it was built for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, great-grandfather to Anderson Cooper. it’s an amazing house, just talking the tour makes it hard to deny that money can buy you fabulous things, and it made it just a bit harder to hate rich people because while the Vanderbilts lived well, they earned that money, worked hard during their life, and gave considerably.

The mansion was built by Richard Morris Hunt in 1893, it took just over 18 months to complete, and has 70 rooms.  the coolest part are the two levels in the back of the house that open up to the atlantic ocean. Amazing.

We want to have a Smith reunion there, where we’d throw a grand ball in the front lobby, and invite everyone we’ve ever met to sleep in the gabillion beds, and then take bikes and rollerblades around the second floor hallway, that circles around the first floor ballroom, turning it basically into a roller rink track. the butler used to give the children the silver serving trays, so they could ride down the stairs, we’re going to do that, too.

I think Oprah should do a travel show to Newport, she can eat some Quahog clams, dance on the pier, shop in all the boutiques with $500 dresses, and then Anderson Cooper, who has an almost disturbingly remarkable resemblance to his great grandfather, can give her a tour of his family’s summer home.

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