“true success is health insurance”

in relation to the previous post, this is a video I came across of Matt, from Matt & Kim, one of the funnest, cutest, happiest bands ever, talking about health insurance and its relation to safety, protection, health, and skateboarding.  even fairly successful musical artists, meaning international touring artists, do not have health insurance.  so it’s not something that’s relegated to the dirt poor living in the slums.  lots of people who make enough money to support themselves, still can’t afford to have health insurance – often the system is too expensive and set up to work against single, independent payers. 

check out matt & kim: www.myspace.com/mattandkim

their “yea yeah” video is awesome. 


One response to ““true success is health insurance”

  1. YO!
    It’s illegal to exist in this state without health insurance!!!
    like, not even joking

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