babies are inevitable

– we might as well provide and ensure they have proper healthcare.


Domino Magazine/PO Box 37759/Boone, IA 50037-2759


Jobs with Justice “Healthcare for All” sticker

also, the dialogue i had with a NH gentleman regarding healthcare, and children [see below]


With Michael Moore’s SiCKO documentary and John Edwards’ populist campaign the possibility of universal healthcare in America has entered into the public sphere and been given legitimate consideration by politicians/legislators, healthcare providers, and mainstream media.

while clinton and obama‘s healthcare plans (<-respectively linked) are not anywhere near a conception of universality, the question has been posed to them in debates, and they have responded in standard presidential candidate fashion how and what their plans will do to start closing in on the healthcare inequality gap in America. 

while canvassing in New Hampshire this summer, one of our target issues was “accessible healthcare” which everyone we talked to immediately concluded we were implying universal healthcare.  which we were, but the libertarians in NH were not so receptive to that, so we changed our tune to “affordable healthcare, so those who work can have it”.  

but perhaps reasoning for why social services in the US are considerably lacking in comparison to the ones in Europe can be the intense inclination towards individualism, a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps to achieve the American Dream” mentality, that can be why our taxes are comparably lower b/c most Americans are unwilling to have their money go towards helping others, especially people that do not resemble themselves.  

After going door-to-door, i started to get that most people do not want to pay for other people to have healthcare, enter in “the welfare queens”, “the illegal immigrants”, etc.  we began to construct our words in terms of “universal healthcare for children”.  that’s hard to argue against, children should not be “punished” for the behavior/socio-economic status of their parents, they are our future, let them lead the way, but we got to make sure they are healthy and protected first.

here’s a conversation i had with a most polite guy, very much the blue-collar family man.

Man: I don’t believe in universal healthcare

Me: Ok, but what about healthcare for all the children, at least?

Man: That’s the parents’ responsibility.

Me: Yeah, definitely, but sometimes the parents can’t provide for their children, their job doesn’t pay enough, or they can’t work…

Man: Then they should have thought about that before they had children.

-I was dumbstruck.  that people would consider first if they can afford to provide their children with healthcare before they start making babies, that it’s one of the first thoughts any couple has sex before they have sex was just inane to me. i walked away in a daze.  The gentleman was incredibly polite, so i didn’t brush him off as the typical ignorant NH “Libertarian”, but the lack of acknowledgment that people are sexual beings, and will have kids whether or not they are socially, and economically prepared for them is thinking that is doomed to fail from the beginning, much like the fundamentalist Christian Right’s reinstatement of the “Global Gag Rule“.  we are so far from achieving any sort or form of equality.  

the person in IA receiving this sticker, and conversation about healthcare may be ambivalent, it might go the way of the trash as i’m sure much of what i send does.  maybe i’ll become the notorious crazy radical from MA who keeps sending in everything except for the applications and money they need to do business, but for now, the nopostagerequired envelopes – they are my own soapbox.

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