the USPS on green bandwagon?

the no postage required envelopes have been a little hard to come by these days, i think it might be b/c i’m away at school, and all the credit card offers, and nonprofit donation envelopes are being sent to my home in PA. but that will all change soon as i graduate, reluctantly move back home for (one week at the most!), change all of my addresses and my childhood identity and move to DC. once that happens, i’m sure i’ll be swimming in free envelopes and addresses.

but i found this on the internets: the USPS (my beloved) is kickstarting a new recycling program where people can pick up envelopes at their local post office and send in ink cartridges, PDAs, cellphones, digital cameras, or iPods to be recycled. all the cartridges or small electronics are processed by Clover Technologies Group where it is either refurbished or scrapped for parts. The group has a “zero waste to landfill” policy, so there’s a concerted effort to recycle everything.

Press Release Here

“As one of the nation’s leading corporate citizens, the Postal Service is committed to environmental stewardship,” said Anita Bizzotto, chief marketing officer and executive vice president for the Postal Service. “This program is one more way the Postal Service is empowering consumers to go green.”

The Postal Service recycles 1 million tons of paper, plastic and other materials annually. Last year, USPS generated more than $7.5 million in savings through recycling and waste prevention programs. The nation’s environmental watchdog, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Postal Service eight WasteWise Partner of the Year awards, the agency’s top honor

it’s nice to hear that even though the very business and industry of the USPS is paper goods -one of the most recycled, but also most wasted – they are working towards being as environmentally friendly and sustainable as can be. certainly with computers, email, the internet, etc. mailing through the postal service is becoming a less and less frequently used service, they are undoubtedly losing money. things look to be on an imminent downward decline for the USPS, i mourn the day they may have to go out business. so they could have chosen to not put in the funds or effort to recycle and use resources effectively, but this press release makes me appreciate that while they are losing because of the capitalist globalization model, they are not necessarily following the same business model of cutting costs, and maximizing profits. they are keeping customer interests, as well as the larger environmental sustainability in mind, perhaps even at the expense of costs and profits.


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