give me employment


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO/Alternative Union Break/1625 L Street, N.W./Washington, DC 20036-5687


a check next to I’m interested in learning more about helping workers build power… and strategic research positions

also my name, college, graduation date, languages, and email address. see my address in previous post about BU summer program.


sorry i’m going through an all about me, and how nopostagerequired needs to be employed, or studying, or traveling so as not to spend the summer after college graduation sitting on her parents’ couch watching Maury reruns. While i had a most worst time doing Union Summer for the AFL-CIO last summer in NH, I purposely did not put a check next to Careers in Union Organizing because i found out just how much i am not a union organizer. but it’s getting to the point where i am also desperate to find a job that i am not eliminating labor organizing work, including for the AFL-CIO, or one of its conglomerates, out as a possibility. Le Sigh.

i’m a bit suspicious, as their Union Break website description looks fairly similar to the AFL’s Union Summer one, where no one in the program had a decent experience. most of us went in thinking we’d be organizing unions, doing things like this.

but all of the kids who were sent to NH became just rookie canvassers for an AFL side project called Working America. Where we weren’t organizing unions, just knocking on the door of everyone who lived in NH to see if we could drum up support for abstract ideals like ‘access to healthcare’, ‘holding politicians accountable’, and ‘ensuring there’s enough funding and infrastructure to keep our schools running’. all the effort was more to just get people’s information, so we could target them in the future, especially around election time, and ensure that they would be voting for progressive/AFL-CIO endorsed/Democratic candidates. i can never seem to rant enough about my summer in NH, and the AFL-CIO, and my disapproval of the canvassing model for the greater movement, whether it be labor, immigration, politics, or animal rights.

i know i’m just going to be a college graduate so i can’t expect the most amazing jobs and opportunities to fall into my lap, but i would also like to not have my first official job be one that i absolutely hate but still do because i understand that “i have to work up the ranks and do all the dirty, grunge work first”. yeah, yeah, yeah, i’ll complain a bit more about how i don’t just want another crap job, and it’s hard looking for jobs, and why won’t anyone give me a job. and why do i have to do 3 research papers simultaneously to this job search? and why can’t they just give me a diploma, i’ve pulled enough all-nighters already to warrant a degree from this school. ok. i’m done.


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