i need something to do after smith…….


Summer Term/Boston University/PO Box 15716/Boston, MA 02215-9632


my address:

1 Chapin Way #6396/Northampton, MA 01063-6301/United State

-i realize that i’m putting my address onto my blog, onto the world wide web. but it’s a PO Box, which hopefully means…. open invitation to anyone reading this, who loves paper goods, and mail as much as me to send me something!

i’m interested in studying fine arts, creative writing, landscape/urban studies, population studies, architecture, philosophy, geology, astrology, and literature. basically all the things i never fully got a chance to do while i was at Smith


though graduating in may after 17 years of schooling (kindergarten included) makes me never ever want to go to school again, i still have not secured any employment, travel itineraries, or further education plans. one reason i don’t ever want to go to school again is i fail at writing papers, and consistently reading, and being able to constructively and critically examine anything i do, see, read, or hear. which simplifies into: i fail at school. i’m surprised i’ve gotten this far. so as of right now… no school for awhile.

but i’m looking to receive a catalog about BU’s summer term program, where i could conceivably pay more money to get more schooling, which would inevitably involve more writing papers, and more reading. most likely not going to go to boston and do their summer term, but perhaps i’ll be motivated to look more into schooling and employment opportunities when i have a catalog of potential things i could be doing after may 18th, because i believe on this proper tract of job and future life plans applications process, i am failing. much like or in the way this blog explains it: FAIL.

perhaps here i am not so much sticking it to the large business conglomerates that waste paper, stuffing our mailboxes with catalogs, or credit card offers that we don’t need. i will point out that i am using Boston University’s free postage to my benefit… in hopes that i will one day either go back to school, or finally get a job. so a reversal of the “sticking it to the man” effort, wherein i’m the “woman” who needs to be doing something after graduation.

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